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scriptfuncs.h File Reference

Detailed Description

All the C functions callable from the script code

Definition in file scriptfuncs.h.

#include "messagedef.h"

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typedef enum gamestatus GAMESTATUS


enum  gamestatus { STATUS_ReticuleIsOpen, STATUS_BattleMapViewEnabled, STATUS_DeliveryReposInProgress }


BOOL addBeaconBlip (SDWORD locX, SDWORD locY, SDWORD forPlayer, SDWORD sender, char *textMsg)
BOOL addHelpBlip (SDWORD x, SDWORD y, SDWORD forPlayer, SDWORD sender, char *textMsg)
BOOL beingResearchedByAlly (SDWORD resIndex, SDWORD player)
VIEWDATA * CreateBeaconViewData (SDWORD sender, UDWORD LocX, UDWORD LocY)
MESSAGE * findBeaconMsg (UDWORD player, SDWORD sender)
SDWORD getNumRepairedBy (DROID *psDroidToCheck, SDWORD player)
SDWORD getPlayerFromString (char *playerName)
UDWORD numEnemyObjInRange (SDWORD player, SDWORD range, SDWORD rangeX, SDWORD rangeY, BOOL bVTOLs, BOOL bFinished)
UDWORD numPlayerWeapDroidsInRange (SDWORD player, SDWORD lookingPlayer, SDWORD range, SDWORD rangeX, SDWORD rangeY, BOOL bVTOLs)
UDWORD numPlayerWeapStructsInRange (SDWORD player, SDWORD lookingPlayer, SDWORD range, SDWORD rangeX, SDWORD rangeY, BOOL bFinished)
BOOL objectInRange (BASE_OBJECT *psList, SDWORD x, SDWORD y, SDWORD range)
BOOL objectInRangeVis (BASE_OBJECT *psList, SDWORD x, SDWORD y, SDWORD range, SDWORD lookingPlayer)
UDWORD playerWeapDroidsCostInRange (SDWORD player, SDWORD lookingPlayer, SDWORD range, SDWORD rangeX, SDWORD rangeY, BOOL bVTOLs)
UDWORD playerWeapStructsCostInRange (SDWORD player, SDWORD lookingPlayer, SDWORD range, SDWORD rangeX, SDWORD rangeY, BOOL bFinished)
BOOL scrActionDroidObj (void)
BOOL scrAddConsoleText (void)
BOOL scrAddDroid (void)
BOOL scrAddDroidToMissionList (void)
BOOL scrAddDroidToTransporter (void)
BOOL scrAddFeature (void)
BOOL scrAddMessage (void)
BOOL scrAddPower (void)
BOOL scrAddReticuleButton (void)
BOOL scrAddStructure (void)
BOOL scrAddTemplate (void)
BOOL scrAllianceExists (void)
BOOL scrAllianceExistsBetween (void)
BOOL scrAlliancesLocked (void)
BOOL scrAnyDroidsLeft (void)
BOOL scrAnyFactoriesLeft (void)
BOOL scrAnyStructButWallsLeft (void)
BOOL scrApplyLimitSet (void)
BOOL scrApproxRoot (void)
BOOL scrASSERT (void)
BOOL scrAttackLocation (void)
BOOL scrBreakAlliance (void)
BOOL scrBuildDroid (void)
BOOL scrBuildingDestroyed (void)
BOOL scrCalcDroidPower (void)
BOOL scrCanRememberPlayerBaseLoc (void)
BOOL scrCentreView (void)
BOOL scrCentreViewPos (void)
BOOL scrChatCmdIsPlayerAddressed (void)
BOOL scrChooseValidLoc (void)
BOOL scrCirclePerimPoint (void)
BOOL scrClearConsole (void)
BOOL scrClosestDamagedGroupDroid (void)
BOOL scrCompleteResearch (void)
BOOL scrConsole (void)
BOOL scrCreateAlliance (void)
BOOL scrDbg (void)
BOOL scrDbgMsgOn (void)
BOOL scrDebugFile (void)
BOOL scrDebugMenu (void)
BOOL scrDebugModeEnabled (void)
BOOL scrDestroyFeature (void)
BOOL scrDestroyStructure (void)
BOOL scrDestroyStructuresInArea (void)
BOOL scrDestroyUnitsInArea (void)
BOOL scrDistanceTwoPts (void)
BOOL scrDominatingAlliance (void)
BOOL scrDroidHasSeen (void)
BOOL scrDroidInArea (void)
BOOL scrDroidInRange (void)
BOOL scrDropBeacon (void)
BOOL scrEnableComponent (void)
BOOL scrEnableResearch (void)
BOOL scrEnableStructure (void)
BOOL scrEnemyWeapObjCostInRange (void)
BOOL scrEnumDroid (void)
BOOL scrEnumStruct (void)
BOOL scrEnumStructB (void)
BOOL scrExp (void)
BOOL scrFactoryGetTemplate (void)
BOOL scrFireWeaponAtLoc (void)
BOOL scrFireWeaponAtObj (void)
BOOL scrFlashOff (void)
BOOL scrFlashOn (void)
BOOL scrFlushConsoleMessages (void)
BOOL scrFlyTransporterIn (void)
BOOL scrFMax (void)
BOOL scrFMin (void)
BOOL scrFogTileInRange (void)
BOOL scrForceDamage (void)
BOOL scrFriendlyWeapObjCostInRange (void)
BOOL scrGameOver (void)
BOOL scrGameOverMessage (void)
BOOL scrGetBaseDefendLocCount (void)
BOOL scrGetBaseDefendLocIndex (void)
BOOL scrGetBit (void)
BOOL scrGetChatCmdDescription (void)
BOOL scrGetChatCmdParam (void)
BOOL scrGetClosestEnemy (void)
BOOL scrGetClosestEnemyDroidByType (void)
BOOL scrGetClosestEnemyStructByType (void)
BOOL scrGetDroid (void)
BOOL scrGetDroidCount (void)
BOOL scrGetDroidKills (void)
BOOL scrGetDroidLevel (void)
BOOL scrGetFeature (void)
BOOL scrGetFeatureB (void)
BOOL scrGetGameStatus (void)
BOOL scrGetNearestGateway (void)
BOOL scrGetNumArgsInCmd (void)
BOOL scrGetNumStructures (void)
BOOL scrGetOilDefendLocCount (void)
BOOL scrGetOilDefendLocIndex (void)
BOOL scrGetPlayerColour (void)
BOOL scrGetPlayerColourName (void)
BOOL scrGetPlayerName (void)
BOOL scrGetStructure (void)
BOOL scrGetStructureLimit (void)
BOOL scrGetStructureType (void)
BOOL scrGetStructureVis (void)
BOOL scrGetTemplate (void)
BOOL scrGetTileStructure (void)
BOOL scrGetUnitLimit (void)
BOOL scrGiftRadar (void)
BOOL scrHasGroup (void)
BOOL scrInitAllNoGoAreas (void)
BOOL scrInitEnumDroids (void)
BOOL scrInitEnumStruct (void)
BOOL scrInitEnumStructB (void)
BOOL scrInitGetFeature (void)
BOOL scrInitIterateGroupB (void)
BOOL scrIsHumanPlayer (void)
BOOL scrIsStructureAvailable (void)
BOOL scrIsVtol (void)
BOOL scrIterateGroupB (void)
BOOL scrLearnBaseDefendLoc (void)
BOOL scrLearnOilDefendLoc (void)
BOOL scrLearnPlayerBaseLoc (void)
BOOL scrLoadPlayerAIExperience (void)
BOOL scrLog (void)
BOOL scrLOSTwoBaseObjects (void)
BOOL scrMakeComponentAvailable (void)
BOOL scrMapRevealedInRange (void)
BOOL scrMapTileVisible (void)
BOOL scrMax (void)
BOOL scrMin (void)
BOOL scrMissionTimeRemaining (void)
BOOL scrModulo (void)
BOOL scrMoveDroidStopped (void)
BOOL scrMsg (void)
BOOL scrMsgBox (void)
BOOL scrMyResponsibility (void)
BOOL scrNumAAinRange (void)
BOOL scrNumAllies (void)
BOOL scrNumDroidsByComponent (void)
BOOL scrNumDroidsInArea (void)
BOOL scrNumEnemyObjInRange (void)
BOOL scrNumEnemyWeapDroidsInRange (void)
BOOL scrNumEnemyWeapObjInRange (void)
BOOL scrNumEnemyWeapStructsInRange (void)
BOOL scrNumFeatByTypeInRange (void)
BOOL scrNumFriendlyWeapDroidsInRange (void)
BOOL scrNumFriendlyWeapObjInRange (void)
BOOL scrNumFriendlyWeapStructsInRange (void)
BOOL scrNumMB (void)
BOOL scrNumObjectsInArea (void)
BOOL scrNumPlayerWeapDroidsInRange (void)
BOOL scrNumPlayerWeapObjInRange (void)
BOOL scrNumPlayerWeapStructsInRange (void)
BOOL scrNumResearchLeft (void)
BOOL scrNumStructsButNotWallsInArea (void)
BOOL scrNumStructsButNotWallsInRangeVis (void)
BOOL scrNumStructsByStatInArea (void)
BOOL scrNumStructsByStatInRange (void)
BOOL scrNumStructsByTypeInArea (void)
BOOL scrNumStructsByTypeInRange (void)
BOOL scrNumStructsInArea (void)
BOOL scrNumTemplatesInProduction (void)
BOOL scrObjectHasIndirectWeapon (void)
BOOL scrObjectInArea (void)
BOOL scrObjectInRange (void)
BOOL scrObjHasWeapon (void)
BOOL scrObjWeaponMaxRange (void)
BOOL scrOfferAlliance (void)
BOOL scrPauseCDAudio (void)
BOOL scrPickStructLocation (void)
BOOL scrPickStructLocationB (void)
BOOL scrPlayBackgroundAudio (void)
BOOL scrPlayerInAlliance (void)
BOOL scrPlayerLoaded (void)
BOOL scrPlayerPower (void)
BOOL scrPlayIngameCDAudio (void)
BOOL scrPlaySound (void)
BOOL scrPlaySoundPos (void)
BOOL scrPlayVideo (void)
BOOL scrPrintCallStack (void)
BOOL scrProcessChatMsg (void)
BOOL scrPursueResearch (void)
BOOL scrRandom (void)
BOOL scrRandomiseSeed (void)
BOOL scrRecallBaseDefendLoc (void)
BOOL scrRecallOilDefendLoc (void)
BOOL scrRecallPlayerBaseLoc (void)
BOOL scrRecallPlayerVisibility (void)
BOOL scrRefTest (void)
BOOL scrRemoveBeacon (void)
BOOL scrRemoveDroid (void)
BOOL scrRemoveMessage (void)
BOOL scrRemoveReticuleButton (void)
BOOL scrResearchCompleted (void)
BOOL scrResearchStarted (void)
BOOL scrResetLimboMission (void)
BOOL scrResetPlayerVisibility (void)
BOOL scrResumeCDAudio (void)
BOOL scrSavePlayerAIExperience (void)
BOOL scrSeenStructInArea (void)
BOOL scrSelectDroid (void)
BOOL scrSelectDroidByID (void)
BOOL scrSelectGroup (void)
BOOL scrSetAllStructureLimits (void)
BOOL scrSetAssemblyPoint (void)
BOOL scrSetBackgroundFog (void)
BOOL scrSetBit (void)
BOOL scrSetCampaignNumber (void)
BOOL scrSetDebugMenuEntry (void)
BOOL scrSetDefaultECM (void)
BOOL scrSetDefaultRepair (void)
BOOL scrSetDefaultSensor (void)
BOOL scrSetDepthFog (void)
BOOL scrSetDroidKills (void)
BOOL scrSetDroidsToSafetyFlag (void)
BOOL scrSetFogColour (void)
BOOL scrSetGroupRetreatForce (void)
BOOL scrSetGroupRetreatHealth (void)
BOOL scrSetGroupRetreatLeadership (void)
BOOL scrSetGroupRetreatPoint (void)
BOOL scrSetLandingZone (void)
BOOL scrSetLimboLanding (void)
BOOL scrSetMissionTime (void)
BOOL scrSetNoGoArea (void)
BOOL scrSetPlayCountDown (void)
BOOL scrSetPlayerColour (void)
BOOL scrSetPlayerName (void)
BOOL scrSetPowerLevel (void)
BOOL scrSetRadarZoom (void)
BOOL scrSetRain (void)
BOOL scrSetReinforcementTime (void)
BOOL scrSetRetreatForce (void)
BOOL scrSetRetreatHealth (void)
BOOL scrSetRetreatLeadership (void)
BOOL scrSetRetreatPoint (void)
BOOL scrSetRubbleTile (void)
BOOL scrSetScrollMaxX (void)
BOOL scrSetScrollMaxY (void)
BOOL scrSetScrollMinX (void)
BOOL scrSetScrollMinY (void)
BOOL scrSetScrollParams (void)
BOOL scrSetSnow (void)
BOOL scrSetStructureLimits (void)
BOOL scrSetTileHeight (void)
BOOL scrSetTransporterExit (void)
BOOL scrSetVTOLReturnPos (void)
BOOL scrSetWaterTile (void)
BOOL scrShowConsoleText (void)
BOOL scrShowRangeAtPos (void)
BOOL scrSkDefenseLocationB (void)
BOOL scrSkFireLassat (void)
BOOL scrSqrt (void)
BOOL scrStartMission (void)
BOOL scrStopCDAudio (void)
BOOL scrStrcmp (void)
BOOL scrStructButNoWallsInArea (void)
BOOL scrStructInArea (void)
BOOL scrStructInRange (void)
BOOL scrStructInRangeVis (void)
BOOL scrStructureBeingBuilt (void)
BOOL scrStructureBuilt (void)
BOOL scrStructureBuiltInRange (void)
BOOL scrStructureComplete (void)
BOOL scrStructureIdle (void)
BOOL scrStructureLimitReached (void)
BOOL scrTagConsoleText (void)
BOOL scrTakeOverDroidsInArea (void)
BOOL scrTakeOverDroidsInAreaExp (void)
BOOL scrTakeOverSingleDroid (void)
BOOL scrTakeOverSingleStructure (void)
BOOL scrTakeOverStructsInArea (void)
BOOL scrTestStructureModule (void)
BOOL scrThreatInArea (void)
BOOL scrThreatInRange (void)
BOOL scrToPow (void)
BOOL scrTransporterCapacity (void)
BOOL scrTransporterFlying (void)
BOOL scrTurnPowerOff (void)
BOOL scrTurnPowerOn (void)
BOOL scrTutorialEnd (void)
BOOL scrTutorialTemplates (void)
BOOL scrUnloadTransporter (void)
BOOL sendBeaconToPlayer (SDWORD locX, SDWORD locY, SDWORD forPlayer, SDWORD sender, char *beaconMsg)
BOOL skTopicAvail (UWORD inc, UDWORD player)
BOOL ThreatInRange (SDWORD player, SDWORD range, SDWORD rangeX, SDWORD rangeY, BOOL bVTOLs)

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